TMDC latest techniques do allow large numbers of Giant Clam seeds to be produced at commercially viable costs similar to prices quoted by other shellfish industrial hatcheries.

Plus TMDC newly developed sub-tidal floating modular long-line nursery system is economical, fast and easy to assemble, versatile and long-lasting, suitable for manual or mechanical maintenance & harvest, it also keeps the stock safe from natural predators and severe adverse weather conditions.

For the first time in aquaculture history, all known giant-clam farming hurdles have been overcome and the fundamental conditions are at last favorable for economically viable large scale sustainable mariculture of giant-clams for the 4 major Asian seafood markets.

The pictures below show why, from the floating submerged bamboo cage we tested in Yap and the rudimentary floating submerged "tube" system used in French Polynesia, we came to design
the new modular cages here in Australia; with open PVC ballast frames for stability, durable fibreglass rods forming shade cloth or plastic mesh baskets, easy and fast to assemble, low in maintenance & super long lasting, plus suitable for all sizes of juvenile clams, pearl-oysters, edible oysters, scallops & even coral farming with minimal alterations.

These submerged modules can be positioned instantly at any chosen depth for optimal growth rate or lowered to the seabed for maximum protection from tropical typhoons.


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